Week 13 – Sand Man Pays Visit

22 01 2012

It was a very sandy, gritty week.  The top layer of our old stucco was sandblasted off revealing previous paint colors.  The original color was a pale green from 1950.  There was a layer of pink probably from the 80’s followed by the current cream color.  Needless to say this process left piles of sand all around. It even made its’ way into our bedroom closet light fixture along with some water that got into the attic through the eave vents.  That glass light fixture looked like a fish bowl on our ceiling with a light bulb inside instead of a fish.  (I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it as Chris quickly removed it to dump out the water and sand.)  The contractor came over right away to check it out and put back a couple of eave vents that had blown into the attic.  I put a large fan in the attic to be sure the ceiling drywall dried out. All is well.

     Sandblasting Aftermath

This is the view from inside the house during the sandblasting.  Did I mention how loud it was?


After the sandblasting the moon was out early, so I took a few photos.  I got this great shot on my Canon PowerShot in the manual mode and opening the aperture which resulted in a black sky even though it was still twilight.


On Saturday they applied the “brown” coat of stucco to even out the old stucco and make a nice even surface for the final color coat.  Note the pile of sand in the driveway. In a couple of weeks they will apply the final color coat around the whole house, so the addition will look like it was always there.   We can’t wait.


Stucco brown coat Second Stucco Layer

TILE WORK BEGINS IN THE NEW MASTER BATHROOM – They brought in another pile of sand in our driveway, this time to mix mortar for the bathroom tile prep.  More on this next week, but now it’s time to play in the sand.

Shower Stall Cemented Shower Floor Tile Prep

Tiling in Progress Shower Wall Tile Goes Up