Finally Construction Resumes

2 08 2012

Yes, the moisture issues finally got worked out and work has resumed on the addition.  This was a monumental ordeal, but we worked through it without going crazy (well maybe just a little).  We are just thankful that our contractor did his best to remedy all the issues to our satisfaction and continued working to complete this project, well for the most part.

In hind sight another good decision we made before starting this project last year was to reduce the scope to just the Master Bedroom/Bath addition rather than also remodeling the kitchen and bumping out the front of the house at the same time.  Doing all of that work at the same time would have meant moving out and renting a house or apartment and  added significant cost to the project due to this lengthy construction delay.

A word of advice, is to do your remodel work in phases. Don’t think you have to do everything all at the same time.  Plus now we’re better educated on the process, which should help us make better decisions when the time comes to embark on our next home improvement project.

Here are images of work completed over the course of one month (April 2012).  It’s so good to finally see some progress again!

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Week 10 – Progress Inside & Out

8 01 2012

HAPPY 2012 everyone!  There’s been significant progress since my last post!   December was a busy month to say the least.  It is normally hectic before and during the holidays, but with a big construction project on top of that it’s a perfect storm.

During the 10th week (Dec. 12-18) the addition got some insulation in the ceiling and walls. Nothing special,  just the basic pink fiberglass stuff to meet the building code here in California where it rarely gets below 45-50 degrees fahrenheit.  They also put some spray foam around the windows.  These energy saving items are now required to meet code, which is a good thing.  Older homes in California like ours have zero insulation, so you bake in the summer and freeze in the winter.  It’s most comfortable in the spring and fall around here.

Once that work passes inspection the drywall starts to go up.  Meanwhile another crew did some finishing work on the wire (aka “chicken wire”) around the exterior doors.  Here are some photos.

INSULATION –  In the Bedroom & Bathroom


SPRAY FOAM AROUND WINDOWS – Notice the staples and nail … must be a new insulating technique … ha-ha  😉  After pointing this out to the general contractor he came and fixed that spot.


DRYWALL GOES UP – Note all the earthquake straps above the windows.  These straps stick out so they have to cut the drywall around these and later on will fill these recesses with joint compound.  These 3 photos are in the bedroom.


 < Bathroom   < Laundry room

EXTERIOR WIRE – To hold the stucco coats to be applied over the next few weeks.


Materials Information –

Windows – Marvin Integrity All Ultrex

Exterior Wrap – GMC Roofing & Building Paper Products