Crawl Space or Slab Foundation

11 02 2014

California houses typically don’t have basements. For an upstate NY transplant it’s a culture shock to pay such an insane amount of money for a house with a musty, web-filled dirt crawl space or concrete slab instead of a basement.



Where basements are the norm the extra space is utilized for everything imaginable in addition to the typical laundry and storage areas, like play rooms, weight rooms, arts and crafts, game rooms, bars, man caves, family rooms, wine cellars, band practice, extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Lack of a basement means having to convert the garage which is common.


Foundations with crawl spaces are cheaper, but installing a vapor barrier over the dirt is recommended to keep out the moist, musty air. Alternatively concrete slab foundations are more common nowadays. There have been three recent tear-downs in the neighborhood, all with slab foundations. It was interesting to see this construction site progress.


New Construction Next Door

23 12 2013

Earlier this year the house next door was sold (July 2013). Nothing happened for several months, but then we received a letter from the city about a permit being filed for new construction. Well now the project has started, so I thought I would share the images to document the project.

The city is requiring the developer to remove and replace a minimum of 5 feet of soil right up to the property line on both sides. Apparently there had been a stream running through the lot before the homes were built in the area. The silt is too soft and there is no clay to hold the soil together for a solid foundation.





Putting in the new soil… it’s making our windows rattle and the house shake like a minor earthquake!!!