Landscaping Work In Progress

28 10 2012

I’ve been getting my hands dirty doing yard work ever since I can remember. My Dad first put me to work helping him pull weeds not long after I started walking.  By the time I was in kindergarten, when most kids are first learning to ride a bicycle, I was driving a riding lawnmower (we had a big lot in the country).  A couple years after that I was tasked with prepping the vegetable garden and flower beds using a rototiller each spring.  I also helped my Grandmother who lived next door.  It sounds like a lot of work and it was, but I loved it… most of the time.

Anyone who has done even a modest amount of gardening knows it can involve some back breaking tasks at times.  However, that pales in comparison to how hard the landscaping crew worked daily for over a month turning piles of dirt left by the building contractor into a beautiful patio and backyard.  The landscape contractor had originally estimated 2 weeks, but it took more than twice that amount of time, just like our master suite addition.  From here on out I will always double any contractor’s time estimate.

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Dream Bathroom

5 10 2012

Hardly a day went by over the years that I didn’t dream about having a second bathroom.  Our existing single 5’x7′ bathroom was gutted and remodeled in 2006, but one bathroom just isn’t enough. When mother nature calls or your work schedules overlap, a second bathroom is an absolute necessity.

Now that  master bathrooms are a must-have, we used quality fixtures and materials in an effort to get more bang for our buck.  One thing I learned is that a smaller space does not automatically mean it costs less in proportion to the room size, because every bathroom minimally needs the same fixtures: lights, toilet, sinks, faucets, tub and/or shower.  Tile and paint for a larger space only adds incremental costs.  On the other hand a larger bathroom takes longer to clean, so that’s also something to consider.    Read the rest of this entry »