Helping the Economy!

8 09 2012

As we continue to put money into the house, I thought … hey we’re doing our part to help the economy.  (Now if I could only find a job that isn’t temporary and pays what I used to make.)  Okay, back to reality.  Just like every vote matters, so does every dollar spent at this point. So what did we spend our hard earned cash on this month?

A gas burning fireplace and new garage door were the major purchases. Here’s what it looks like in our fireplace along with a photo looking up inside the chimney flue after it was relined.  The gas log set is relatively inexpensive, however, we had to spend $2k to repair and reline our 60+ year old chimney and a few hundred more to have a gas line installed with a floor key valve shutoff.

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We tried using our fireplace once many years ago, but more smoke came into the house than went up the chimney, so we never used it again. Correction, we never burned wood in it again.  I put one of those large candleabras that go inside a fireplace and filled it with various large round, usually, white pillar candles, or whatever I could find on sale.  Click here to see how this looks.

But after a while we felt like we had to upgrade to a functioning fireplace, and chose this white birch log set by Real Fyre, which contrasts nicely against the dark fireplace.  Here’s a link to check it out.

Now for the pièce de résistance … the garage door:  Wayne Dalton 9800 Flush V-Groove panel Fiberglass in Walnut.  A  picture is worth a 1000 words.

      Wayne Dalton 9800 Flush Panel Composite Garage Door




2 responses

5 06 2014

that VGroove door looks great! Do you have a close up picture of the graining by chance?

5 06 2014

I don’t, but I can say it looks so much like real wood that a neighbor asked me for the name of the stain to use on his wood door. There are close up images of each color showing the grain on the wayne dalton website:

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