Week 18 – Fiddling with the Roof

24 02 2012

The roof/ceiling moisture saga continues.  The roofer came and removed a 2′ section along each side of the center ridge over the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom only.  The roof over the rest of the addition is fine, that’s why we suspect this might be a condensation issue.  Now we have to sit and wait for the wood to dry out, and then the roofer will replace everything.

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Once the roof moisture issue gets resolved (hope they can figure it out), then there’s only painting, wood floors, and bathroom fixtures to install.  Also waiting for a landscaping bid for the backyard.  Separately I’m getting estimates for gas logs and chimney relining, gutters, drainage, walkways, a new garage door and a new front door. It seems never ending for such a small house.



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