Weeks 6-7 – Thankful for Windows!

22 11 2011

Combined the weeks due to the short holiday week and no work is scheduled Wed. – Fri.  Another crazy busy week.  Ordered vanity and countertop. Windows and shingles installed. Plumbing rough in too.  Another inspection.


  Windows are Marvin Integrity All Ultrex, a strong, durable composite.


  Tile border selection – chose the middle one: Tozen Mini Brick in Selenium by Lunada Bay.

  1st Oops … Nails came through tile niche in our existing bathroom.  Temporarily patched holes with silicone.  Luckily we saved a leftover box of these tiles, so it should be easy to repair.

 2nd Oops … roofing crew mistakenly installed 2 attic vents in our vaulted ceiling. They’ll have to return to fix.

More photos to browse through.


Week 5 – One Month… Got Roof!

15 11 2011

Got roof!  We can actually start to picture ourselves living in the space now that there is the beginning of a roof.  In the meantime, I’ve been frantically selecting and buying bathroom fixtures and tile, which I’ll post once everything has been decided.  We didn’t think the work would move along so quickly. Work crews have been onsite everyday with only 1 rain day on Friday 11/4.

Luckily the rain ended by Sunday night and the work resumed again on Monday.

We're ready for the Rain

See the Art in Construction

4 11 2011

While taking daily photos of my home addition, I started to see the artistic aspect to things like lumber and the geometric lines of the framing contrasted against the sky.  One evening there was the most dramatic sky near sunset.  Enjoy!

Week 4 – Wow, it’s going up fast!

1 11 2011

Rather than wait until the week ends, I’m posting photos sooner to see the walls go up and the roof too!  Planning to add more comments when time permits.

Week 3 – The Framing Begins

1 11 2011

Starting with the delivery of lumber, the addition is now really taking shape.  As you can see, the floor joists are in along with the plumbing drains and water lines.   Read the rest of this entry »