Week 2 Progress Update

25 10 2011

The foundation was completed this the past week.

After much digging the wood forms were installed using plenty of foundation bolts and anchors along with two double rows of rebar running through each section near the top and bottom.  (Photos 1-3)

There was an inspection on Thursday morning to ensure everything was done to code, and on Friday the concrete was flowing.  It took about 5-6 hours and 2 truck loads of concrete.  (Photos 4-6)

The concrete set over the weekend, and on Monday all the wood forms were removed and saved to reuse during framing.  (Photos 7-9)

WEEK 2 Photos – Foundation Work

Week 3 Sneak Peek – Lumber gets delivered and now the hammering literally begins!


Let the hammering begin!

19 10 2011

Welcome to house on greenwood!

After many years of dreaming about, thinking about, and talking about adding a Master Bedroom to our 2 Bed/1 Bath house on Greenwood, the time has finally arrived.   Thanks to all involved including friends and family who have listened to my seemingly endless discussions and questions about who, what, why, when and how.  And of course, the team responsible for making the ideas a reality.

Architect:  John Himes  http://www.himesmillerdesign.com/index.html

General Contractors:  Matt Armato & Jeremy Henson at Titan & Co. http://www.titanandco.com/

  • WEEK 1 Photos – Before and During Demolition & Site Preparation